First day of spring looks more like a winter wonderland

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Falling snow, hats, hoods and scarves, even a dried up Christmas tree on the curb waiting for trash pick up. A scene few would envision for the first day of spring.

To get them him through the wet snowy winter, Jerry Scheinhas relied on some fantastic dreams of warm weather to come.

"It's me and my favorite swimsuite model on the beach," he said.

It was the warmest winter on record across the globe according to scientists with NOAA.

"That doesn't even sound right," Highbridge resident Ronnie Love said.

And you wouldn't have guessed it living in New York, which has seen record-breaking cold. In many areas across the the northeastern U.S.  February was the coldest month on record.

The wet snowy frigid winter caused hundreds of thousands of potholes in NYC alone. The Department of Transportation has been working to get them fixed--filling 2,800 perday--but the snow is a small setback, with DOT resources diverted elsewhere. A spokespereson say another pothole filling blitz is planned for this weekend.