14-year-old boy suffers broken arm after being jumped by group of teens in Brooklyn

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FORT GREENE, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- A mother's pain and anguish was clearly written all over Dahlia Espada's face.

Her son, just 14 years old, is now the latest Brooklyn teen jumped and beat down allegedly by other teens.

Her child is a minor and Espada chose not to give his name or say where he goes to school. She says he was by himself, walking to the 'C' train Tuesday around 6 p.m. near the Atlantic Mall when he said at least six people knocked him to the ground.

"He didn't know nothing, that it was coming. They came from behind him. They threw him on the floor and started kicking him. He protected his face and put his hands over his face and that's when they got his arm," said Espada.

The teen suffered from fractures and breaks in at least two locations on his left arm and may even need surgery.

Community activist Tony Herbert said he's frustrated by our city's teens.  It all began with a brutal attack of a teenage girl at a Flatbush McDonalds, where a group of girls ganging up on just one. Then more teens jumping off duty police officers in Bensonhurst and now Espada's son.

Herbert said he's calling on city politicians, the NYPD and the community to come together. One major issue he believes is the limited number of places for teens to go after school.

Programs like the Brownsville Beacon PAL, a haven for some, but now so many like it are in danger of being cut because of a major slash in funding.