Proof of reincarnation? Boy gives incredible details of past life as Hollywood extra

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MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma (PIX11) – A 10-year-old boy’s account of his previous life has many — including his own mother — wondering if reincarnation actually does exist.

Ryan Hammons appeared with his mother on the Today show to speak about his past, and the uncanny details he knows about the Hollywood extra-turned agent he believes he was in a previous life.

“One night he said, ‘Mom, I have something to tell you, I used to be someone else,'” his mother Cyndi recalls.  “I grew up in a Baptist church, that’s not something we grew up to believe in.”

The memories were intriguing, but Ryan didn’t remember his name from his previous life.  “Then,” Cyndi said, “we found the photo and it changed everything.”

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The photo was from the making of “Night After Night,” Mae West’s first movie.  The man he pointed to didn’t have a single line in the film, however, his name was Marty Martyn.  All of a sudden there was a real person to compare Ryan’s memories with, and, according to the Today report, he has correctly recalled 55 different details of Martyn’s life.

Ryan would regularly talk about his two sisters, trips to Paris, five wives and living on a street with the name Rock in it.  He also talked about how much he missed an orange soda called “True-ade.”

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Child psychiatrist Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia documents cases of children remembering their past lives, and says Ryan’s is one of the most powerful.

“This information wasn’t on the Internet,” Tucker said.  After investigating what Ryan said, all of it turned out to be correct.  Martyn had a penchant for orange soda, lived on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, had two sisters and did indeed spend time in Paris, with his fifth wife.

“He said he didn’t see why God would let you get to be 61 then make you come back as a baby,” Tucker said, noting that the death certificate states Martyn died at 59.  While close, it seemed at first that Ryan was wrong about a very important detail.  “Since then, I’ve gotten information that the death certificate was incorrect, which would have made Marty Martyn 61 when he died.  Ryan was right all along.”

As for Ryan, he says his prior life still feels real to him, but as time goes on “it’s kind of fading.”


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