Members of Sugarhill Gang fight to get their name back

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WEST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) -- For years the the iconic group Sugarhill Gang have been in a legal battle with their former label Sugar Hill Records. The ongoing dispute became the subject of a documentary called "I Want My Name Back" which follows the highs and lows of their career, their impact on hip hop as we know it today, and their fight for recognition.

To this day their hit song is immediately recognizable.

Originally formed in Englewood, New Jersey, the founding members of the Sugarhill Gang consisted of Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and Master Gee. They quickly rose to fame thanks to the success of their 1979 hit song "Rappers Delight." It was the first hip-hop record to reach platinum status and made close to $10 million in sales.

But soon after,  their former label Sugar Hill Records, copyrighted their name along with their rap monikers and it's been a battle to get their name back ever since.

While the film premiered two years ago, the Hip Hop Hands foundation and True Hip Hop Memoirs want to keep the story alive and set up a special screening for fans in Harlem.