NYPD linked to rewrites of Eric Garner, other police shooting Wikipedia entries

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ONE POLICE PLAZA, Manhattan (PIX11)--- Individuals working within the NYPD edited Wikipedia articles related to police brutality, an investigation led by Capital New York reveals.

The organization traced the IP Addresses of the Wikipedia edits made by anonymous users back to the NYPD's server at One Police Plaza.

Capital New York found  the accounts connected to the NYPD server changed Wikipedia pages on the police involved deaths of Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, and Eric Garner.

One of the changes made was on Dec. 3 just hours after the Garner grand jury decision.  This was one of several edits made to the Eric Garner page, which also included replacing the word chokehold.

This isn't the first time the NYPD's efforts to be digitally savvy backfired. Last April, the NYPD's official Twitter account used the hashtag #mynypd in an effort to highlight police community engagement, but the hashtag quickly became associated with users posting images of police brutality.

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