Man finds Tom Hanks’ credit card on NYC street, proves honest people exist

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Tom Hanks apparently lost a credit card on the streets of New York recently, but, thanks to a man named Tony, the “Saving Private Ryan” star didn’t even have to cancel it.

Hanks tweeted Friday, “A guy named Tony found my credit card on the street in NYC and returned it! Tony! You make this city even greater! Thanx.  HANX.”  The faith-restoring act of honesty couldn’t have happened to a more deserving celebrity, it seems.

While pushy paparazzi and ever-present social media coverage can bring out the worst in some celebrities, Hanks seems more than comfortable taking a cab, riding the subway or getting his typewriter fixed in the Flatiron District.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.15.39 PM

In October of last year, Hanks chatted with his cab driver, who he jokingly nicknamed “Mr. Ferrari,” and even invited to a Broadway show.

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