Spring is here, or is it? Don’t be fooled by mild temps as snow may be lurking

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- It's a scene we haven't seen for weeks: people out and about, smiling, even opting to go without a coat.

After surviving one of the worst winters in history, the Big Apple finally got a touch of Spring Monday with the mercury hitting highs in the low '50s -- the first time that's happened in 63 days.

So is this winter finally over? Should we put away the wool sweaters, the Under Armor and down coats?

According to PIX11's Mr. G, we aren't out of the woods just yet.

"We're going to have a good week but there's cold air lining up," he forecasts. "The last hurrah will probably be at the end of March."

"It's going to pick in terms of cold and perhaps even snow."

While going back to frigid temps may not be the news you want to hear, keep in mind it could be worse. We could be in Boston.