Howard gets woman’s money back for unreal realty company

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THE BRONX (PIX11)-- Shanee Walker of the Bronx is like a lot of New Yorkers. She had a housing problem.

“Being that I was going through a realty company I figured everything was legit, “ Shanee told me. “I paid them a $1,000 brokers fee.” Turns out, the apartment was an illegal sublet. Shanee couldn’t live there. But she couldn’t get her money back, either.  She went to court, where the realtor, Rapid Realty up on 242nd Street in the Bronx agreed to pay up. But it didn’t happen.

From there, a familiar story. Shanee got the runaround, she got hold of me and we paid a visit to Rapid Realty in the Bronx.

What an ordeal.

We met the wife of one of the main players. She said she was 8 months pregnant, just like Shanee. So suddenly I had a standoff between two VERY pregnant women.   I finally got on the phone and managed to get hold of the owner. He said he’d research this and figure out what to do. He did the right thing because a month later Shanee received a check.

The lesson here a lot of people could use: know who you’re dealing with before you rent an apartment. Ask what their relationship is to the apartment. And always try to get it in writing.