Driver flees after crashing car into church on Long Island

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BALDWIN, N.Y. (PIX11) — An unwanted parishioner went crashing through the front doors of a Long Island church Sunday morning.

“Police called me this morning,” said Deacon James Lassiter, “they said the alarm had gone off and when I got down there that's when I saw it.”

Nassau County police said a blue 2008 Infiniti G35 was heading southbound on Grand Avenue in Baldwin when the driver lost control and went flying off the road around 4:30 a.m. The car took out a tree, a fence and burst right through the front doors of Second Baptist Church.

“From what I understand, he was able to walk out of there,” said parishioner Betty Tucker about the driver.

Nassau County P.D. say the driver fled the scene. The car was towed away Sunday morning, and by afternoon, crews had boarded up the gaping hole.

Parishioners say it was due to the grace of God that Second Baptist had already planned on moving across the street to new and bigger quarters. But with the interior of the new building still unfinished, move-in day was forced upon them early. The church lectern was quickly rolled across the street for Sunday morning services. Church goers had to carefully skirt around snow and mud on the active, fenced-off construction site. Parishioners say the Pastor did preach about the crash.

A driver fled the scene after crashing a car into the Second Baptist Church in Baldwin (Christie Duffy/PIX11)

A driver fled the scene after crashing a car into the Second Baptist Church in Baldwin (Christie Duffy/PIX11)

“He was just saying that it is truly amazing that when this happened no one was here, and that they have another house to go into,” said new parishioner, Delores Davis.

Church goers expressed only compassion for the driver who crashed on Sunday.

“I’m just so glad no one had gotten hurt,” Davis added.

“We’re glad he is alive,” said Kerry Lampkin, who spent the morning running around trying to help coordinate Sunday’s services and repairs. Lampkin said the driver did show up at an area hospital for his injuries sometime after leaving the scene of the crash on Sunday morning.

“I do believe, South Nassau Hospital,” he said.

Nassau County Police did not confirm if the driver did turn himself in to an area hospital. A spokeswoman only stated no one was in police custody as of early Sunday afternoon, and that the investigation is ongoing.

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