American tourists arrested for carving initials into Rome’s Colosseum, taking selfie

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The tourists could face jail time and a fine. (Photo: Getty Images)

The tourists could face jail time and a fine. (Photo: Getty Images)

ROME (PIX11) — Two American tourists were arrested in Rome after they were caught carving their initials into the Colosseum.

According to The Guardian, the 2 women from California, ages 21 and 25, were with a tour group when others spotted the pair carving into the ancient building with a coin, the taking a selfie with their work. A “J” and “N” about were etched into a wall that was restored from the 1800s.

The women were charged with aggravated damage on a building of historical and artistic interest, BuzzFeed reports. After their arrest, the 2 women reportedly said, “We apologize for what we did,” the pair reportedly said We regret it, but we did not imagine it was something so serious. We’ll remember for a lifetime.”

Last year, a Russian tourist was fined more than $24,000 for carving a “K” into the 2,000 year old building.



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