Winter’s ‘a-salt’ on vehicles leads to an uptick in business for auto body shops

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TEANECK, N.J. (PIX11) -- Vehicles left outside this winter have already suffered major damage -- and auto body shops are seeing an uptick in business.

"This one came in yesterday," said John Herrmann, manager of the Ft. Lee Road Auto Body shop in Teaneck, N.J. "It slid down a hill unfortunately got into an accident, resulting in three areas of damage."

Herrmann pointed out that all the cars on the outside as well as those inside of their garage that have sustained damage because of the conditions this winter.

"When you get an ice storm or a snow storm and unfortunately all of these cars cannot handle correctly you are going to have a problem."

In recent years, Herrmann says those problems have resulted in an uptick in business. On Tuesday afternoon, a portion of his lot was cleared in anticipation of cars showing up Wednesday morning after being dented up in Tuesday night's storm.

However, within minutes he had a new customer driving up. It is a non-stop trend he has seen of late, affecting various parts of vehicles that check-in for repairs. Herrmann admits he is one of few who does not mind what winter brings.

"No not at all. Unfortunately, we do prosper when it is snow and icy."

While Herrmann's business prospers because of what is impacting the roads from high above, Triple A recently announced what is on the ground --- specifically brine and salt --- is causing approximately $6.5 - billion dollars in damages to vehicles on a yearly basis.

The primary cause? Corrosion.

Which is why Herrmann is a proponent of washing a vehicle in midst of winter, "It would be good. Salt is a corrosive, so anything you can do to prevent that will help."