NYPD teaching officers new takedown technique

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(PIX11)-- After the tragic death of Eric Garner sparked national outrage, the NYPD will be taking down suspects in a very different way.

Its called the Armbar Hammer lock and already there is controversy about the move.

It's all about the take down and doing it efficiently without hurting anybody.

The suspect or the police officer.

The death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD officers on Staten Island last year, lead to a massive outcry and overhaul in training methods at the NYPD.

Four officers held Garner and then the use of a controversial chokehold some say caused Garner's death.

Now, the NYPD is teaching something very different to take down out of control suspects.

A new technique that PIX11 news went to the Anderson Martial Arts Academy to demonstrate for us.

Officers go for the wrist and elbow instead of the neck, and then apply pressure in opposite directions until the person goes to the ground, where they are easier to handcuff.

Police train to do it in teams and are learning it in just three days.

Some say that is just not enough time to master the move.

Some say it takes weeks of training to master the move, and then you have to practice it after that.

Officers are learning this new move as part of training.