Wood carver uses talents to create incredible ‘snow men’

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ALTON, Ill. (PIX11) -- You may be sick of the snow by now, but you'll never tire of one man's amazing ice sculptures.

Artist Luke Harris doesn't build your average snow men. He creates intricate creations in his Illinois yard for all his neighbors to enjoy--taking the edge of the brutality of winter. Harris is a wood carver who decided to transcend his skills to the slushy stuff, and the reason why is heartwarming:

“What I did it for, originally, was the kids on the school bus would come by," he told KTVI. "There`s a lot of school buses that come by and they just wave. And that`s what it`s about.”

His latest creation? Everyone's favorite angry green monster, the Incredible Hulk, which he picked because it's a popular character with both kids and adults.

"I think everyone turns into Hulk every once in a while, don't they?" he said.

Harris's sculptures take just days to make. He sometimes uses the snow on neighbor's driveways to supplement his work.


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