Vacationing NYPD officer helps save drowning teen in Florida

Posted: 11:17 AM, Feb 27, 2015
Updated: 2015-02-27 12:09:55-05

BAL HABOUR, Fl. (PIX11) -- A vacationing NYPD officer didn't hesitate to jump into action when he heard screams from the ocean.

On Sunday at 3 p.m., 17-year-old Christopher Tran began screaming from the ocean where he was trying to swim, according to WSVN .

Veteran NYPD officer Albert Mammon immediately went to help when he heard Tran yelling: "I observed the kid was over there and then I just sprinted right into the water as I was going," Mammon said.

Mammon ran into his own trouble swimming: "As we got to him, a couple of guys actually were a little bit better swimmers, thank God, than me, and they got to him first  .. when I reached to him, I was already also taking on water," Mammon told WSVN.

Tran's sister Cynthia began hysterically crying knowing she couldn't help her brother. She pleaded with people around her to save Christopher.

"I was just crying my eyes out ... I honestly didn't know what to do," Cynthia told WSVN. "I just went to the biggest person I could find like ... 'help me, please.'"

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.54.59 AM

The two siblings were pictured embracing each other after the dramatic rescue. (WSVN)

Cynthia and Bal Harbour Police Chief Mark Overton both expressed their gratitude to the rescuers.

"I was just amazed at how many people jumped in so quickly to help him. I am eternally grateful for all of you guys and just thank you for everything," Cynthia said.

"We thank God also that he [Mammon] was at the right place at the right time," Overton told WSVN.

Christopher is a student at Barry University in upstate NY, and was visiting his sister in Southern Florida.