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Is ‘Sex Box’ the answer to a happy relationship?

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(PIX11) -- Is there a secret to a truly happy, lasting relationship?

"Most couples don't actually talk about their problems," said Hector. "They know they have a problem but they don't sit down and talk about it."

"We've been together for about seven years," Hector's partner Stephanie explained. They may look like a picture perfect couple -- but below the surface, there was an issue that was tearing them apart. "I'm nervous because if I can't fulfill this for him," Stephanie said. "I don't know if we'll be okay."

"Our communication was great. Our trust level was great," Hector said. "This was just another door we wanted to open in our sex life."

So the pair decided to test their love and their boundaries on a brand new relationship show on We TV. It's got a racy approach and a bold name -- "Sex Box."

Couples sit down with three diverse relationship experts in front of a studio audience. They are brutally honest about their deepest secrets and issues.

Then the show truly gets intimate, in front of a live audience they enter the private, soundproof sex box, and get intimate. All while the studio audience sits nearby and therapists discuss their dynamics.

"Research that was done at Rutgers university shows that oxytocin levels -- oxytocin is the love hormone, the cuddle and snuggle bonding hormone -- is highest right after sexual intercourse," says Dr. The couple comes out and they are emotionally more open. They dig deep in under and get to the root cause of whats truly going on."

For Hector and Stephanie,

"There is something I've been wanting, there's something I've been waiting to do," Hector explained. "I want to tie her up and let me have complete control. Let me be in control."

Stephanie was used to always taking charge in every aspect of their relationship.

Hector and Stephanie say flipping their power inside the sex box has changed their overall relationship balance, in a lasting, healthy way. Their final barrier to complete happiness has been whipped away.

"It may look like a gimmick but it really works."

Some aren't just calling the show a gimmick -- they are calling it too racy for TV. With headlines like "Why Sex Box needs to be stopped," and Parents Television Council even has an online petition to prevent the show's Friday night debut -- but Hector and Stephanie believe sex box does more good than harm.

"You don’t see any sex you don’t hear any sex you don’t know whats going on," Hector explains.

"I am blown away I am seeing each one of the 33 couples that came on the show transformed in front of our very eyes," Dr. Fran says.