Wesleyan student who overdosed on Molly says classmates got drugs in D.C.

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MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (PIX11) -- Four students from the elite Wesleyan University in Connecticut posed for mug shots, and several of them appeared in court, as prosecutors revealed the bad batch of Molly they’ve been tied to was bought in Washington, D.C.

Eleven Wesleyan students overdosed Saturday night into Sunday and had to be hospitalized after they reportedly took the party drug MDMA, commonly known as Molly. All of them were sophomores, and a number of them had attended a “rave” at the Eclectic Society co-ed residence on campus.

Molly is supposed to be a pure form of the hallucinogen, Ecstasy, but many times, other chemicals are mixed in with dangerous results.

PIX11 Investigates reported in 2014 that “bathtub chemists” in China often mix bath salts together and market the product as Molly—mailing it to the United States.

Three college students died in the summer of 2013 at two, different “rave” concerts in New York City, one on Governor’s Island and the other on Randall’s Island.

Criminal complaints filed in Connecticut Superior Court revealed one student who overdosed this past weekend claimed the Molly was bought by 21-year-old Zachary Kramer—a Wesleyan classmate—in Washington, D.C. and brought to the campus for sale.

Kramer is from Bethesda, Maryland. The other Wesleyan students charged are Eric Lonergan, 21, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andrew Olson, 20, of Atascadero, California, and Rama Agha Al Nakib, 20, of Lutherville, Maryland. She is the only female in the group that was arrested.

Lawyers for the busted,Wesleyan students asked the media—and the public—to wait for all the facts to come out, before making any judgements.

Back in September, several other Wesleyan students were hospitalized, after taking Molly, prompting an e-mail from university officials, warning of MDMA’s dangers.

The tuition at Wesleyan University is nearly $50,000 a year, before room and board. And though Wesleyan ranks # 15 nationally on the list of best, liberal arts colleges—put together by U.S. News and World Report—it also has some unflattering statistics associated with it. The Hartford Courant reported some stats from the U.S. Department of Education: in 2013, one out of 13 Wesleyan students was disciplined for drug violations.

University officials have been putting out statements since Sunday.

In one statement, Dean Michael Whaley, Vice President of Student Affairs, notes, “Alcohol and drug use among college students is a national problem, and one that Wesleyan takes very seriously. We are committed to responding to violations with education, treatment, and sanctions, as appropriate.”

The four accused students have been suspended from Wesleyan. The university, along with police investigators, continue to seek the places where the Molly was processed—and sold—on and off campus.