[VIDEO] Radio station helps grieving mother who lost son in freak accident

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SYDNEY (PIX11)– A radio station in Australia surprised a grieving woman with a generous gift after she lost her 19-year-old son a few months ago and bills were beginning to rack up.

Michelle’s teenage son Blaine, described as a quintessential family man, was killed in a freak accident while at work, and the tragedy left his mother in an emotional and financial struggle.

But, off a tip from her daughter Crystal, “KIIS 1065,” based in Sydney,  decided to help her with a “random giveback.”

In what has become a viral sensation, garnering nearly three million views, a YouTube video shows Michelle and her family listening to the radio station telling the story of her son and then donating six months worth of her mortgage so she could “grieve properly” and take the necessary time off.

In addition to that, they offered to pay $5,000 to help with outdoor renovations Michelle’s son never got to finish in his memory.