Sesame Street parodies ‘House of Cards’ in math lesson for kids

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(PIX11)– Sesame Street went political in a “House of Cards”-inspired parody teaching kids basic mathematics.

Following the child’s tale of “Three Little Pigs,” Frank Underwood is played by a ruthless wolf who goes by the name Frank Underwolf and blows down the pigs’ houses to teach subtraction. Each of the houses are made of different building materials, including the strongest house “The White Brick House.”

From visual cell phone texts to Underwolf’s Southern drawl, the video is filled with references “House of Cards” fans–most likely the parents of the kids watching this– would appreciate.

In a humorous moment, the pigs also call out Underwolf, who like Underwood, directs his attention to viewers by looking directly at the camera during the show: “Hey Frank, who you talking to anyway?”

Kevin Spacey, who stars as Underwood in the thrilling political drama, thought the video skit with over 280,000 views was “brilliant.”

The 13-episode season three of the series streams on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 27.

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