SEE IT: Great Falls of Paterson, New Jersey frozen by record cold

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No, this isn't frozen Niagara Falls, it's New Jersey. The Great Falls of Paterson have frozen over from the record cold. We shot the video this evening  from Air 11.

The brutal Siberian Express has delivered historic cold to the tri-state area. In Central Park, the low Friday morning of  2 shattered the record of 7, which had been set back in 1950. The cold pattern has persisted for weeks, and, though temperatures will moderate a bit this weekend, the intense cold will return early next week, with no signs of spring in sight.

PIX11's Mr. G is also keeping an eye on a storm system that will begin as snow on Saturday, delivering 1 to 3 inches in the city, and more farther south. The system could turn into a treacherous ice storm late Saturday before turning into rain Sunday morning, which will bring some of the most moderate weather we've seen in a while, and even a shot at sun later in the day. Click HERE for Mr. G's forecast.

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