Italians mock ISIS after threats to attack Rome

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(PIX11) — Though the militancy of ISIS is no laughing matter, the Italians faced the group’s latest threats with hilarious tweets.

Islamic State (ISIS) has been taking advantage of low security in coastal cities of Libya, and the dangerous situation has been causing alarm in Southern Europe.  Italy’s southern islands are especially close, and many are worried militants could mingle with migrants crossing over.

Reddit user Twerkt commented: “No, it actually is important. Isis gains power from their online propaganda. By laughing at them openly that power is taken away …”

Rita Kantz, head of SITE, a group monitoring jihadist activity, started the movement.

Italians responded hilariously:

“ISIS says it’s coming,” said Reddit user helcat. “My nonna wants to know how many to prepare for.”

“If they want to come to Spain,” user internets111 said. “the door’s open as long as they also take our debts with them.”

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