Girls in ‘Slender Man’ stabbing describe violent plot in chilling interrogation video

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WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP/CNN) — Police interrogation video of two Wisconsin girls accused of nearly killing a classmate to please a fictional character contains chilling revelations from the girls as they described their calculated plan to kill their friend.

WISN-TV obtained the nine-hour videotaped interrogation of the girls, ages 12 and 13. One of the girls wipes away tears as she explains how they hoped to please Slender Man by killing their friend in a Waukesha park. She says they told their 12-year-old victim, Peyton Leutner, they were going to get help, but that they really planned to run away and let her die. Leutner survived after being stabbed some 19 times.

The other girl says they were arrested because they were “careless.”

Captured a few hours after the attack, the video shows suspects Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser lay out their incredible tale for detectives, who heard the soon-to-be notorious name “Slender Man” for the first time.

  • Detective: “Silver Man?”
  • Anissa Weier: “No. Slender Man.”
  • Detective: “Oh, Slender Man.”
  • Morgan Geyser: “And he has tendrils that are very sharp.”
  • Detective: “Do you see him in your dreams? Or where do you see him at?”
  • Morgan Geyser: “Oh, I see him in my dreams.”

Weier told detectives the alleged murder plot was hatched to prove the existence of Slender Man.

  • Anissa Weier: “So, I decided to go along, tag along, to prove the skeptics wrong.”
  • Detective: “Ok, so did you think you actually had to kill somebody to prove it?”
  • Anissa Weier: “Yeah.”
  • Detective: “Like for real?”
  • Anissa Weier: “Yeah.”
  • Detective: “Ok.”

Weier goes on to say she thought she did see Slender Man as they tried to run away from the scene.

  • Detective: “While you guys were walking, you thought you saw Slender?”
  • Anissa Weier: “Uh huh, after Morgan stabbed her.”
  • Detective: “So, how did you get the knife from Anissa?
  • Morgan Geyser: “She sort of just shoved it into my hands… and there it was! And then I didn’t know what I did. It just sort of happened. It didn’t feel like anything. It was like air.”

Later, the detective asked how they convinced the victim to go to the woods with them.

  • Morgan Geyser: “We said we were going to go bird watching. People who trust you become very gullible, and it was sort of sad.”

The girls face charges of attempted homicide. A Waukesha County judge will decide by next month whether the girls’ case should remain in adult court or be sent to juvenile court.