Deep freeze creating issues in private and public sector in NYC

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- "My own wife called me this morning and told me my heat is not keeping up.

" for Sal Vigilante, those are tough words to absorb, considering that his family run business of more than 80 years specializes in plumbing heating and air conditioning.

It is the first two that tend to cause the most issues on days where the temps are well below freezing. While while there are some dealing with heat issues, there are others who do not have any power. Con Ed worked on scene in Chelsea for most of Friday with hopes to have power restored by the evening.

A spokesman for the DEP told PIX 11 News that they have had no major issues and that their biggest concerns are rapid temperature shifts. It is during those periods when they see more damage caused to primary or auxiliary water manes.

Meanwhile in the private sector, where Vigilante has seen an approximate 30% increase this wee, his crews are working additional hours over the weekend to tackle problems that they have addressed all week, primarily busted water meters.