An in-depth look at how the NYPD trains its officers

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- The New York City Police Department is forever growing and implementing new training, it's been that way since the beginning of time.

While the recent incidents of alleged police brutality may not the sole reason for new training, it has certainly expedited new techniques.

So we took a close look at how new officers patrol the streets of New York.

We went inside the 20th Precinct on the Upper West Side for early morning role call. Rookie officer Crystal Moran is front and center, by her side, senior officer Anthony Ainacori with 13 years on the job.

Moran said "He is showing us the ins and outs we are learning the streets, how to interact with people. He is good with people."

Sinacori said, "I am explaining to them what to do, guiding them and showing them the appropriate way to do things."

It's called the Partner Officer Program or POP, the brainchild of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. Officer Sinacori said, "Many of us did not get this kind of training we were just brand new and sent to the streets in the bad neighborhoods, it was important for those communities but i think it left a bitter taste in the mouths of young officers because they did not see community policing."

First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker, "They are learning simple things. Those are simple things but they make a difference."

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