Man arrested after slapping police horse on rear end: NYPD

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Police say Flores smacked the horse's rear end, causing it to jump forward. (Photo: Getty Images)

MIDTOWN (PIX11) — A Bronx man was arrested after he smacked a mounted police horse on the rear end in Midtown Tuesday night, according to the NYPD.

Police say the suspect, 32-year-old Victor Flores, was walking next to the horse near Seventh Avenue and W. 47th Street at about 9:30 when he slapped its rear end. An official tells PIX11 Flores’ smack caused the horse to jump forward, which created a “hazardous condition.”

Upon arrest, Flores was found to have a bag of cocaine in his pocket.

FloresĀ  has been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct.