Howard saves chimney repair from going up in smoke

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BENSONHURST, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Joe Pitino was just trying to get his chimney fixed in his Bensonhurst home before winter set in. So, he got in touch with Kings County Chimney. For about $300 bucks they said they'd put in a new lining to stop gas from leaking into Joe's house.

Then Joe had a new boiler put in. The plumber gave him some surprising information.

"He opened up the chimney and noticed that the actual lining is about five feet too short and cannot connect to the new piping he put in," Joe told me."It defeats the purpose of having the chimney itself lined."

Joe was getting no satisfaction from Kings County Chimney. The owner told him he couldn't go the last five feet for fear of damaging the chimney lining on the adjacent house. So, Joe turned to me.

I went over the Kings County Chimney. The owner eventually called me back, explained the problem but agreed to refund Joe's money.
Joe wound up having to settle for a little less.

"About two weeks later we did receive a check. It wasn't the full amount. It was a few hundred dollars short. But at that point we just accepted the check and closed the caseā€¦"Summer, springtime we're gonna call somebody else and have them redo the job."

Probably a smart move. Joe gets about $1,000 back and avoids more headaches going after the final few hundred.