Name a cockroach after your loved one for Valentine’s Day

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THE BRONX (PIX11) — Chocolate and flowers are such cliche Valentine’s Day gifts. Why not name a cockroach after your significant other instead?

The Bronx Zoo’s Name-A-Roach campaign is back “by popular demand,” giving you the opportunity to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your lover.

For $10, you can name a hissing cockroach after your loved one for Valentine's Day. (Screen grab: WCS)

For $10, you can name a hissing cockroach after your loved one for Valentine’s Day. (Screen grab: WCS)

The hissing roach is one of the largest species of roach in the world, and they hiss when they are frightened, are about to fight, or when trying to attract a mate.

The tradition began in 2011, but “tens of thousands of these hissing cockroaches remain nameless,” according to the zoo. All money goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

“With your support, we’ll continue to work for wildlife in the forests of Madagascar and throughout the world’s most majestic wild places,” the website says.

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