It’s a “G” Thing: Curious Jane teaches young girls to use imagination

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“I like it because like we get to make cool stuff!”

Creativity, camaraderie and's Curious Jane!

"It’s really fun!”

“I get to make stuff!”

Tucked away in the industrial Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus, Curious Jane offers classes and camps focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

“It’s an all girls program but for girls in elementary school,” Samantha Razook Murphy, founder, said.

Samantha Razook Murphy started the program six years ago.

“I [just finished] my masters at Pratt in industrial design and I had two girls, they were quite young,” Murphy explained. “The economy had taken a very bad turn and we needed to be a little bit creative about how our family stayed in Brooklyn. “

Now it's in cities and schools across the country.

And just recently, also at your doorstep.

“We just launched a magazine,” Murphy said.  ((butt)) “It’s a way to connect with girls [who can't come to class.]”

“We get to make really cool things!”

But I found out why else these girls like to come here.

“I get to stay away from my brother”

“What’s the problem with your brother?" I asked. "He’s a maniac!”

While it may be an escape, it's also educational.

“I’m learning how to make crafts and how to just use my imagination,” one student said.

“You can learn from like your mess up and you can learn new things about what not to do and what to do," another student added.

“The overarching goal is to keep them tinkering and exploring and removing fear of failure,” Murphy explained,

I tried my hand at it, and while I might not be as crafty as these girls, I left having just as much fun!




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