Hundreds line up for chance at $380 million Powerball jackpot

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — People lined up inside the Hoyt Street Market and Deli in the Boreum Hill section of Brooklyn to get a chance at winning the $380 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.

“I would pay off my Mortgage.” said one customer. “My kids college loans said another.

After taxes the lump sum would be around 256 million dollars. But the odds of winning are miniscule, 1 in 175,223,510, according to the fine print on the powerball play sheet. But Anthony was quick to point out “somebody is going to win.”

It would hard to spend all the money in a lifetime. Most say they would donate a big portion to charity. “I hope that people who are really in need are going to win too,” Tammy told the PIX11 News, as she purchased two tickets.