Funeral today for driver of SUV in Metro-North train crash

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VALHALLA, N.Y. (AP/PIX11) — Friends and family of a woman who was driving an SUV that was hit by a suburban commuter train made their final goodbyes.

Ellen Brody's service was held Friday morning in Dobbs Ferry.

The 49-year-old mother of three was killed along with five others on Tuesday when a packed Metro-North train slammed into her SUV, which was stopped on train tracks near Valhalla when the crossing arms came down, trapping her vehicle on the tracks.

Investigators' preliminary findings indicate the SUV was in the danger zone inside railroad crossing gates for about half a minute before the train crashed into it.

Flames quickly engulfed the SUV and the first train of the car, which was pierced by the track's third rail, investigators said.

It's possible that Brody had driven ahead of the crossing gate in inching traffic, then exited her car to examine it after the gate came down and hit the back of it, a witness has said. But then she re-entered the car and advanced onto the track, the witness said.

Federal investigators with the National Transportation Safety Bureau are probing the crash along with the Metropolitan Transit Authority.