Father who tattooed son’s drawings among group of dads going viral, warming hearts

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- At some point or another, we probably all secretly wanted Robin Williams to be our dad (See: House party scene from Mrs. Doubtfire).

But like all things, dads come in all shapes and sizes – and levels of awesomeness.

Take Ohio dad and YouTube prankster Roman Atwood.

On recent Saturday afternoon while his wife was running errands, he decided he was going to spend some quality time with his kids.

Atwood transformed his home into a giant playhouse full of plastic balls.

His wife was far from pleased but the children truly had a ball. The video clip was seen over 20 million times on YouTube.

Then there is Greg Wickherst. Having recently split up with his wife, the Colorado man took on full-time daddy duties for their 3-year-old daughter Izzy.

Having always shaved his head, the former navy technician didn’t know the first thing about hair styling especially for a pint-size princess. So he did what any desperate dad would do. He enrolled into a course at a local cosmetology school. It turns out, he’s now a whiz when it comes to the French braid.

The internet has dubbed him “Facebook’s Hair Dad” after he shared a few snap shots of his braided creations.

In the case of Keith Anderson, he opted to show his love for his son Kai on a more permanent level, tattooing several of his doodles from over the years across his body.

Anderson’s story has made international headlines after images of his doodled tatts by photographer Chance Faulkner were posted online. The images went viral and warmed hearts in the process.

The proud Canadian pop even offers some advice to dads everywhere looking for a stronger bond with their kids.

Watch the video above to hear more from Anderson.