Brooklyn family says NYPD used excessive force when officer shot their dog during arrest

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) --  Six-year-old German Shepard Macho is on his way to surgery  Friday with a bullet still lodged in is leg. He was shot by a police officer after the NYPD says the150 pound pooch went after one of the 2 cops who responded to Raven Garcia's Brooklyn home.

Garcia was arrested after skipping out on her $40 cab fare after a night in Manhattan with her friends. She did not want to discuss the details of the arrest, but her father says it all started as a misunderstanding with the taxi driver.

"My daughter was intoxicated," Henry Garcia said. "She came inside and told the cab driver the money was inside and fell asleep. That's when he called the cops."

And that's when officer Abiola Errico fired her weapon three times at Macho, who has been a part of the Garcia family his entire canine life.

"Macho looks intimidating but he couldn't hurt a fly. Macho barks. He probably saw them get violent with my daughter and they shot him for no reason," Henry said.

But police paint a different picture, claiming officers repeatedly told Garcia to restrain her hostile dog. She refused and Macho ran past one of the officers and directly towards officer Errico. Errico fired three times, striking Macho once.

Garcia has been charged with theft of service and skipping out on a 40 dollar cab fare -- that will now likely cost her hundreds of dollars in vet bills.

"I'm devastated about it all," she told PIX11.

The officer was treated and released at the hospital for tinnitus. The NYPD says the case is under investigation.