Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with cat poop truffles (and other strange gifts)

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- If you’re looking to impress a special someone this Valentine’s Day – it’s all about thinking outside the box.

Hitting up pharmacies like CVS and Duane Reade for some sweet stuff is so 2014.

This year how about stopping by the Meow Parlour – New York City’s first and only cat café where they are serving up so-called “Cat Poop Truffles.”

Before you lose your mind, let The Gothamist explain – “The truffles are brownies rolled into logs, dipped in chocolate and then coated in brownie crumbs.”

Cat poop truffles don’t sound that bad now, right?

Now what about some V-Day apparel. Did someone say heart mittens?

February is usually freezing anyway, how about warming up in style as you stroll down the block with your boo.

It’s another way on letting strangers know you’re in love and have absolutely no shame.

Traditional arrangements are so predictable, how about giving your love a snazzy Salami Bouquet.

Say I love you with an Italian, a French and a Spaniard.

We’re still talking about salami.

Finally, give him or her la crème de la crème this Valentine’s Day. It’s the gift that’s a little piece of you – literally.

An Australian jewelry designer specializes in creating rings made with your own teeth.

Ah you shouldn’t have.

No seriously you really shouldn’t have.

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