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Howard helps clean up mortgage mess

Posted: 3:16 PM, Feb 04, 2015
Updated: 2015-02-04 15:16:56-05

JAMAICA, Queens (PIX11) -- Tommie and Julia Moore of Jamaica, Queens were in a bind. They always pay their bills on time. Tommie is scrupulous about it. But suddenly Julia says their mortgage company was tossing around the word "foreclosure."

Their mortgage company, Nationstar, said they'd missed a payment. Julia and Tommie were sure the company was wrong.

"He knew that he had paid everything," Julia told me. "But he said maybe it'll just correct itself because I know they out of their minds."

"It doesn't seem fair. Does it?" I asked Tommie. "No, it's not," he answered. "Cause I'm always on time."

It all started after Tommie signed up with a Nationstar affiliate for a plan to make two automatic payments a month instead of just sending in one check. That would make their monthly cash flow a lot easier. There was automatic withdrawal in October. But Nationstar said they missed the October payment.

"We have been threatened with foreclosure,"" Julia reminded me. "My husband has the greatest credit in the world."

So I got on the phone and got hold of Nationstar's top spokesman. He assured me he'd get the right people to look right into it. And he was true to his word.

Turns out the culprit was confusion. The automatic withdrawals made in October were meant to cover November. And since the Moore's hadn't sent in a check, they technically hadn't made their October payment.

Nationstar came up with a nice solution: they'd just add the missed payment to the end of the mortgage. So Tommie and Julia suddenly were back up to date. They're grateful but going back to just making the old fashioned once a month payment by check.

"And we don't have to worry about them electronically taking our money out of the bank anymore," Julia pointed out.