Father tells 911 he shot ‘demon possessed’ son because he tried to burn down his house

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Ralph Gregory Wilson

Ralph Gregory Wilson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PIX11) — A father in North Carolina told 911 he shot his “demon possessed” son because he tried to burn his house down, WBTV reported.

Police say Ralph Gregory Wilson, 78, shot his son who reportedly showed up at the house, doused it with lighter fluid and threatened to burn the house down.

“It was either me or him. And I’m going to protect myself I’m tired of it,” the father said.

Wilson said his son, Ralph Gregory Wilson, is reportedly bipolar and schizophrenic.

The 911 calls paint a vivid scene, according to WBTV:

CALLER: “I got a bipolar boy he was trying to set my house on fire. Last night he was doing it again, he come at me and I shot him.”

From the beginning, the caller explained he was defending himself.

DISPATCHER: “Who is it that you shot?”

CALLER: “My boy”

DISPATCHER: “Was it your son?”


CALLER: “I got up I seen alcohol and some other fluid I said what’s you going to do. He talks this crazy stuff about demons. He’s demon possessed.”

Ralph Gregory Wilson was arrested in Gaston County, but has not been charged.

CALLER: “I shot in the wall to warn him. He come at me. It was either me or him. And I’m going to protect myself I’m tired of it.”

Wilson’s dad explained to the dispatcher that his son has psychological problems and he was running from the house. A neighbor two doors down also called 911 saying she was scared.

2ND CALLER: “He just said, ‘Daddy shot me. Daddy shot me. Please take me to the hospital.'”

Then a moaning is heard back at Wilson’s parents home.

DISPATCHER: “He’s back inside the house?”

CALLER: “I’m inside now, he’s out here on the porch.”

Wilson asked his parents to take him to the hospital and his dad explains an ambulance is on the way.

WOMAN IN HOME: “You shouldn’t have shot him in the chest.”

CALLER: “I didn’t know I was shooting him in the chest. I tried to shoot him lower.”

The dispatcher says Gaston County police are also on the way.

CALLER: “He’s bleeding some, but he’s out there waving like he’s trying to wave at the law. But they ain’t coming.”

The dispatcher tells the dad to put down his gun once he sees police.

CALLER: “They’re coming now. I’m going to lay it down.”

The son is reportedly in the hospital, according to WBTV. His condition is unknown.

Police said it will take another couple of days to complete their investigation, then it will be up to the district attorney to decide if charges should be filed.