Barber will give your misbehaving kid an ‘old man’ haircut

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SNELLVILLE, Georgia (PIX11) — Has your child been misbehaving or “acting grown” lately?

A barber in suburban Atlanta says one of his “Benjamin Button” special haircuts will set them straight.

A-1 Kutz will give your kid an embarrassing FREE haircut — that’ll give them the appearance of an old man — in an attempt to “shame” them into behaving.

Russell Fredrick, co-owner of A-1 Kutz, told the Washington Post, “When you go to discipline kids these days, they can’t necessarily use physical punishment they way parents did in the past, but they have to do something.”

So far, one parent has taken him up on the offer.

Xanthia Bianca Johnson, a psychotherapist, told the Post that shaming can have temporary results on a child’s behavior, but may cause long term self-image issues.

“The part of the brain that processes logic gets shut off and it can actually stunt physical and emotional growth.”

Frederick says that so far, the reaction has been mostly positive.

““I hope that most people won’t have to do this unless it’s an extreme circumstances and nothing else is working,” he said.