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Facebook, Instagram are back up after temporary widespread outage

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Facebook was down Tuesday for unknown reasons.

Facebook was down Tuesday for unknown reasons.

It’s bad enough that the northwest has a horrible storm to contend with, but then Facebook and Instagram goes out? What are the folks hunkered down in their homes supposed to do? Complain. And complain loudly. Shortly after 12:10 a.m. ET, Facebook and Instagram went down. The outage affected a large portion of the United States. Users in Australia also reported having trouble logging on.

“We’re aware that many people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram,” said Facebook spokeswoman Charlene Chian told CNN. “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

A few minutes later, Instagram responded to the outage.

Thankfully, by 2:10 a.m., the sites were up and running again.

The crash of the social media sites comes in the middle of a blizzard that has been pummeling the Northeast for most of Monday. For the past 24 hours, many have taken to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to post updates and photos of the storm with the hashtags #Blizzardof2015 and #Blizzard2015. Many people are also reporting that Tinder is down. Twitter is currently working, so many took to the social platform to express either their dissatisfaction or their happiness.

A few people were happy about the outage — as they pushed other sites like Tumblr and Google+. Most, however, expressed devastation about not being able to access the sites.