Craigslist flooded with ads of NYers looking for ‘blizzard boyfriend or girlfriend’

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NEW YORK (PIX11) - When inclement  weather strikes, one of two things usually happen.

For starters, the frantic among us flock to the supermarket to buy anything and everything. If bread and milk are not on your list then you’re probably on a different kind of scavenger hunt.

You're looking for some sweet snowed-in lovin'.

In what could be best described as planning ahead singles from in and around the NYC-area are taking to Craigslist, searching personal ads in hopes of finding that special someone they could ride out the storm with.

“Looking for someone interesting to platonically chat with during the snow and see where it goes,” reads one ad.

While another user opens with a suggestion – “Hi so we are about to have the biggest snow storm in a long time – what a great time to be inside a bar.“

How romantic.

Check out some of the other ads that are mostly NSFW.

The trend of getting together before a natural disaster hits,is nothing new. Back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck the New York - New Jersey area, couples reportedly battened down the hatches and got busy amid state-wide blackouts.

It all resulted in an apparent baby boom nine months later.

If its time you’re looking to kill during the blizzard and you're not a fan of going on Craigslist - here’s a suggestion: The mesmerizing sign language of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s interpreter will surely keep you busy.

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