Black ice has Bronx tow truck competitors teaming up to clear dozens of accidents

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WESTCHESTER SQUARE, Bronx (PIX11) -- Two of the Bronx’s main highway authorized tow truck companies, Autorama and Universe, found themselves working together.

“We’re teaming up.  We have no choice right now,” said Jason Mendez, a Universe tow truck operator.

The joint effort was the only way to clear away a huge pileup on the icy Cross Bronx Expressway by the Hutchinson River Parkway.

“We had one jackknife tractor trailer, 20 cars there on the southbound side,” said Victor Gonzales, who works as a tow truck operator with Autorama.  “One guy spun out and then it started like dominos behind it.”

The fire department said  13 people were taken to Jacobi Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

“There are cars we don’t even know who it belongs to because the owner is in the hospital,”  said Hector Maldonado, another Autorama tow truck operator.

Victor Gonzales has a good tip for staying safe in this type of accident.

“Stay inside the car,” he advised.  “The metal will protect you.  Don’t wander on the highway.”