Mother accused of killing first baby ‘could not recall’ second baby’s whereabouts

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Melissa Mitin

LANSING, Mich. (PIX11) — A Michigan woman accused of murdering her newborn baby girl was pregnant again when she was arrested last year — this time with a baby boy who is now missing.

According to the Lansing State Journal, 25-year-old Melissa Mitin was charged in May 2014 for murdering her baby girl by putting the child face-down in a trashcan shortly after giving birth.

Just a few months later, Mitin was pregnant again. She reportedly hid the pregnancy until giving birth in December 2014.

Mitin was out of jail on a $5,000 bond at the time and attending school for her master’s degree.

An examination Tuesday determined she’d given birth about three weeks ago. Authorities do not know who the father is or where the child is.

After giving birth, Mitin told the court she “could not recall” the infant’s whereabouts.

It was reported that Mitin’s parents oppose premarital sex, so authorities believe the young mother killed her first baby to conceal the incident.

Mitin’s bond has been revoked and she is back in jail.

Authorities in Meridian Township are searching for the missing infant boy and ask anyone who may have seen Mitin to call (517) 853-4800.

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