Man gets community service for ‘Put Wings On Pigs’ comment

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Charles Dirosa

Charles Dirosa

CHICOPEE, Mass. — A Chicopee man who officials say made a threatening comment toward police on a social media page will do community service to have the case dropped.

Police say Charles Dirosa wrote, “Put Wings On Pigs” on his Facebook page back in December while police departments across the nation were on high alert after a gunman fatally ambushed two NYPD officers in their squad car.

“We, as a police department, took this as a threat based on the actions and everything that took place in New York City,” Officer Michael Wilk said.

A hearing was held this week and Dirosa came to an agreement with a court clerk in Chicopee District Court to serve an undisclosed amount of community service hours prior to March 16. When the hours are completed, the complaint will be dismissed.

Followers of the Chicopee Police Department Facebook page alerted officials to the post and detectives investigated what they called a disturbing comment.

Chicopee Police

Chicopee Police

“You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a theater. You can’t yell ‘bomb’ in an airport. And a day after officers are executed with a certain byline, we take it as a threat if you post that in a Facebook post,” Wilk said.

The man who fatally shot two NYPD officers posted, “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today,” to his Instagram page prior to the shooting.

The Chicopee resident was identified as the Facebook user who wrote the comment and his information was given out to Massachusetts State Police and local police departments for officer safety.

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