Nail clippers, pole swingers scolded by new subway PSAs

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- If you didn’t do your nails before you hopped on the subway, too bad.

Have a lot of bags? Tuck ‘em under the seat.

And showtime is over.


Those are the messages being sent by the MTA in the latest round of courtesy campaign signs that are going to be popping up on train cars around the city.

It’s part of an effort to crack down on some of the most egregious subway misbehavior that commuters are all too familiar with.

The newest signs implore riders to not clip their nails on the train, use the poles to perform, or spread their bags all around themselves, taking up precious space.

Last month, the MTA revealed signs scolding straphangers who “manspread,” keep their backpacks on their backs, eat on the train, or refuse to give up their seat to seniors or pregnant women.

“Courtesy is always important but it takes on an added significance as transit ridership continues to increase,” NYC Transit President Carmen Bianco said.

“The simple act of stepping aside to let riders off the train before you board can trim valuable seconds from the time a train dwells in a station while removing a backpack makes more room for everyone. These acts serve to speed the trip while increasing the level of comfort.”

Now to see if the signs actually influence action.

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