Local ‘Big Women’ looking for ‘Big Love’ in the big city

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – We all know finding love – especially here in New York City – isn’t an easy task regardless of what size you are.

Sabrina Servance a fashion merchandiser from Brooklyn and Marlene Ortiz, an aspiring singer who hails from Clifton, N.J. are among the many single women in our area actively looking for love amid obstacles they say arise as a result of their weight.

“It’s just hard,” Ortiz told PIX11 News. “It’s just something full-figured women deal with and with me and Sabrina, we have dealt with this our whole life. It’s like you got the pretty face but what’s going on with everything else.”

Instead of succumbing to the haters the bubbly pair is doing the opposite, putting their stories and love lives out in the open on Lifetime’s new reality show “Big Women: Big Love.”

The show follows Servance and Ortiz as well three other plus-sized women from around the country, all looking for love while breaking down stereotypes.

“I just saw this as a platform to show not just full-figured women, but women in general, like it’s hard to be out there and date,” explained Servance. “It’s hard to be who you are in a world where everyone wants to be the same and it’s really okay to be different.”

“Hopefully we can change America and the way they think about full-figured women,” quipped Ortiz.

When it comes to misconceptions, the women didn’t hold back from dispelling most of them.

“With me, it’s like ‘oh she’s unhealthy,’” Ortiz said. “[Considering] that I jog. Now I’m not working out now but when I do work out – I’m a jogger. I could out-run any skinny person. Trust me.”

“I’m automatically lazy and I don’t do anything and also that I just sit around and am like wanting to be on diets but I’m just like eating fudge and burgers all day – at the same time,” Servance chimed in. “And I mean that’s not true.”

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