New York City on ‘high alert’ after latest ISIS video threat

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- "New York City remains on a situation of heightened alert," said Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism John Miller at news conference Monday at NYPD headquarters.

Miller made the comments as a result of the latest threat from ISIS over the weekend.

In response, the the NYPD has deployed CRV vehicles and Hercules teams to various posts around the city. Miller also added, "I think it's a good time to remind us all that we are in possession of no information about any specific credible threat."

Sal Lifrieri is the President of Protective Countermeasure and also the former Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for the City's Office of Emergency Management.

Lifrieri says that this is the first time the city has gone on heightened alert in quite some time where it is not associated with a certain time of the year. "It's not tied to any specific event. It's not New Years Eve. It's not a religious holiday. It's nothing like that and that kind of makes this a little different."

Lifrieri adds that the greatest challenge and concern to not only his clients as well as to major cities are those terrorists who are outliers. Lone wolf operatives who are calculated, diabolical, and waiting for an opportune time to strike. "We just don't know who they are. You have your list of suspects that you monitor and you watch and you watch the travel, but at the local on the fringe players, we just don't know who they are."

However, there is a common theme that Lifrieri has seen from the terrorist bombings in Boston in 2013 to the hatchet attack in Queens last fall to Paris last week, and that is that these attacks are far from complex.

"One of the things that we always were lucky about was that they always look to go to the spectacular, they always wanted to bring the building down. What Boston showed us and what these guys showed us, is that with simple weapons they are able to bring a city to its knees."