It’s a “G” Thing: ConstructionKids teaches children building blocks of life

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“I like to build!”

“I like banging in the nails!”

“They’re learning how to put things together, engineering, all kinds of great things,” Ingrid, teacher, said.

Old school tools for new school learning is the slogan here at ConstructionKids.

“Why do you come here?" I asked to one of the kids. "Because it’s like a lot of fun!”

“We’re in an age right now where a 3-year-old can pick up an iPad," Deb Winsor, founder, said. "But here a 3-year-old can pick up a hammer.”

Deb Winsor, a longtime woodworker, started the program six years ago as a place for kids to be curious and creative.

“It has to do with inspiring children to be self reliant and command their own space,” she said.

Now more than 20,000 kids participate year round in in-and-after school programs, summer camps and birthday parties.

“We’re banging nails into styrofoam to practice using a hammer,” one kid explained.

That's because the first and most important thing they learn here is safety.

“What’s the important thing for about this class?" I asked. "That I learn to build!”

But whether they realize it, these kids are learning much more than that.

“They’re problem solving," Ingrid said. "We give them the tools to problem solve."

At the end of the day, the kids leave here with a new, uniue creation.

But also with lessons to help build their lives.

“Self confidence, self reliance and just plain having had a really good time,” Winsor said.