Fourth graders allegedly plot to kill teacher with anti-bacterial products: reports

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ELBA, New York (PIX11) — A group of fourth graders allegedly plotted to kill their teacher before winter break using anti-bacterial products, reports said.

The Elba Elementary School students planned to expose their teacher to the products by placing them  on objects around the classroom. They chose anti-bacterial products because their teacher is highly allergic to them, WGRZ-TV reported.

One student complained to youth officers that their instructor yelled at them. The unidentified student also said the whole class had problems with her.

Upon learning about the plan, the Elba Central School District contacted the local Sheriff’s Department, which concluded that no crime was committed. The issue was then turned back over to the District, The Daily News reported.

In response, the District worked with parents and students involved to address the issue. Fortunately, the plot was foiled before any harm was done.

“The District does not condone any of the behaviors that have been reported and is in the process of working alongside the Sheriff’s Department to use this incident as a vehicle for educating the District’s students regarding appropriate behaviors,” the District said in a statement to the website.