Revolutionize your selfie game with a ‘Selfie Stick’

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jan 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-07 08:43:48-05

(PIX11)-- Selfie was the word of the year in 2013 proclaimed by Oxford Dictionaries.

We preen and pose, filter and crop to get them just right, but a new gadget it taking the selfie to new heights. Or should I say lengths?

We’re talking about the selfie stick! Or is it Schtick? If you’re still trying to figure out the difference between a tweet, a text, a Facebook post and being Instafamous, this may be new to you. But if you’re a self-proclaimed techie geek you’ve already been sharing reams of these. Check out what happens when we take our selfie stick to the biggest tourist spot of all, Times Square.

"This is my first time ever seeing snow!" April said in gusto.

April from Texas can hardly conceal her enthusiasm for being in New York and while They say everything’s bigger in Texas here in NY, it’s time to ditch that oh-so-2014 selfie… and go a little longer!

How are you going to get best selfie ever in Times Square if you don’t have the selfie stick? I’ll use yours.

That’s right, the selfie stick.

Telescopes out for those times you feel like your arms are just a wee bit too short to give you the look you crave.

Already taking the web by storm, these $20 gadgets are be-grudgingly getting props from anyone trying to get the best.

They say people look silly when they have a selfie stick, but it looks a million times better I must admit.

Lisa, Nick , Charlie just landed from Great Britain and hit Times Square.

"It was the first place we came wasn’t it?," they said.

Showing off their vacation pictures, they looked a little, um? Crowded? So I offered my services.

Want to take the best dang selfie you’ve ever taken? Now that’s a selfie… it is it is!

Vexed by this typical tourist trouble? Two of you, one amazing background… we found this Brazilian family in Times Square quandary.

I saw that you were taking a picture of him but that means you can’t be with him and you’re in Times Square. Let’s go take a selfie. We pull it out, and we, can get, the whole family, in there. You know the ball drop happened right there , right?

Even Boris from Germany, who normally eschews the selfie… couldn’t help but be impressed by my schtick.

“Everyone seems to be in love with themselves in the selfie," Boris said. "You mean you’re not in love enough with yourself for the selfie? No selfie stick for you this Christmas, no.”

Would you take a selfie with me though?

"Well OK," he said

And that may just be the best shot of his time here in NYC.