Nightmare real estate ordeal finally over

Posted: 7:11 PM, Jan 05, 2015
Updated: 2015-01-05 19:11:34-05

BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- There are some people in the world who just seem to make things difficult for others.

Aryeh Stolzberg of Brooklyn is one of them.

Since back in 2013 I was trying to help a guy who had the misfortune of dealing with Stolzberg in a real estate transaction.

Luis Cordova contacted us because he was trying to buy a rundown property from Stolzberg. Luis gave him $50,000; pretty much his life savings. The contract said if Stolzberg couldn't get a mortgage then he'd be entitled to a refund.

He didn't get the mortgage, but Aryeh Stolzberg kept the money.

So I started on a lengthy trail to try to get Luis his refund. I went to Stolzberg's home. I was told he didn't live there, but the Stolzberg name was on the mailbox. I visited his business, spoke with his attorney, got State Senator Simcha Felder's office involved and paid a visit to Stolzberg's new attorney.

Luis got promises from Stolzberg, but no money. So finally he had to get a lawyer and file suit.

Attorney Robert Osuna got Stolzberg to refund $45,000. After fees, Luis' son John says his dad wound up with about $30,000.

I'm glad it's over for Luis. But I'm sorry that this Aryeh Stolzberg took so long and forced Luis to go to court to get his money.

And Stolzberg still held on to five grand. Was it really worth it, Aryeh? Is that really right?