Live coverage: Funeral of slain NYPD Det. Wenjian Liu

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BENSONHURST (PIX11) — Residents of this tight-knit community in Brooklyn, along with hundreds of police officers from around the city and country, gathered Sunday for the funeral of slain NYPD Det. Wenjian Liu.

FBI director James Comey was the first to address mourners at the funeral of New York Police Officer Wenjian Liu in New York. He said police become officers because “they want to do good … they want to make ordinary life” better. They do their jobs despite the danger to them.

Liu was fatally shot in his patrol car two weeks ago, along with Officer Rafael Ramos. The killer then committed suicide. Ramos was buried last week.

Mayor Bill de Blasio praised Liu as “a good man. … He walked a path of courage, path of sacrifice, a path of kindness.” Hundreds of officers watching the service from outside turned their backs, despite a call from police Commissioner William Bratton that there be no acts of disrespect.

Bratton addressed mourners inside Brooklyn’s Aievoli Funeral Home. “Liu believed in the possibility,” Bratton said. He believed that by being a cop, he could help make the world and his city safer, the commissioner said.

Liu was an officer for seven years. “For seven years, he sought out” those who were suffering and tried to ease that.

Bratton said: Liu “believed in the possibility…of a city free of fear.”

Liu is the type of “officer that we want…and the type that we have,” the commissioner continued. His dedication was hardly unique though, the commissioner said. It is reflected in every man and woman who works for the New York Police Department.

“It’s what we do,” Bratton said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was unable to attend the funeral because of his father’s death.

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