Woman scammed by Instagram boutique ‘ChiChiMe’

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(PIX11) -- Luz Miranda, a school teacher in Queens, says she was lured by the pictures of a sweater from a New York Company called Chi Chi Me on Instagram. This piece is called the "Ella Cardigan" with a  faux fur collar. She was especially attracted to the length: since she is 5'3", Luz wanted a sweater that would come down to at least mid-thigh. That’s the way it is pictured on the website. So she bought it for $60 but knew something was wrong as soon as she got it and tried it on.

Luz said, “It doesn’t even come down below my waist, much less go down mid-thigh, as it shows on the website."

The website says the sweater is 76 cm., which is about 30 inches long. But when we measured, the sweater was only 26 inches. And the lenghth is just one of the problems. Luz says “I started looking at the material and its very cheap. You can feel it and it smells. The fur area smells like it has chemicals. And there’s no label. On their site, they have a picture of a sweater with a black label. There’s no label here."

Luz went  on the Chi Chi Me Website –where she found out they don’t allow refunds—just a store credit. She wrote them 4 emails and says nobody got back to her.  So she posted a complaint on a site for business reviews called Site Jabber, warning customers “buyer beware and don’t waste your money here.” She  also complained to the Better Business Bureau. BBB President  Claire Rosensweig says  the company has many dissatisfied customers. “Ch iChi Me has an F fating with the better business bureau of new York.

PIX11 went to the 5th avenue Manhattan address the company has on file with the BBB: but found it’s not an office or a showroom, just a mail drop it shares with thousands of other businesses. But when PIX11  wrote to the company about their ugly sweater problem—they responded that “a refund will be immediately issued” to Luz. However, there was a catch to that offer.

Luz says, “I got an email from Chi Chi Me telling they would be happy to give me a refund however I need to remove my comments from Site Jabber and the Better Business Bureau. I had to remove all my complaints and comments."

She says she felt bullied—especially since the Chi Chi Me admitted the sweater problems were the  company’s fault.  A company official wrote to her “I’d like to apologize. The first shipment that came in was from a different manufacturer than we usually use. The Ella cardigan that we do  sell normally is just like the picture.”

Luz isn’t  happy about having to retract her true comments, but since she knew she’d never wear that sweater again,“I will remove my comments because I do want my refund.”