NYE revelers yell at NYPD blocking road during New Year’s Eve

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(PIX11) -- "The floor was shaking -- it was like living upstairs from a nightclub", is how one eyewitness described the loud scene along a block of Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side on New Years.

A scene that embraced the NYPD with curse words once they arrived on the scene.

"Typical drunken rowdiness that you get on this street, pretty common, but it sort of turned into a miniature protest as people thought that being drunk on New Years meant that, you know, all of sudden they have social justice cause to make so you get a lot of white people standing around and chanting like F the pigs," said James Sweeny a neighborhood resident who saw it all play out from his 4th floor unit.

On Friday afternoon Sweeny described to PIX 11 News what the scene looked like in the beginning, "I was standing right up on the fire escape watching all of it happen and you know you had a huge crowd of people that were being really aggressive towards a few cops, then a ton of them showed up."

Photographer C.S. Muncy captured the entire scene as well as the moment when it ignited.  On video, a woman is seen standing  in front of a police vehicle and blocks its path.  Once cops get out, she moves away quickly before getting corralled by another officer in what turns into a brief but chaotic scene.

Two people were arrested according to the NYPD.  The department also confirming that a Sergeant suffered minor injuries when the female punched him.

Sweeny admits he has been critical of the NYPD in the past, however, in this instance he says they did their job well: "I'm not typically one to jump behind the NYPD. There is a lot stuff they do that I disagree with but they were completely in the right in this case, down to everything. There are some videos that are out there, you see like they are shoving some people and it's like a little bit violent, but they were clearly trying to protect themselves as the crowd was closing in on them."

Another neighborhood resident, Marvin Avilez, agrees with Sweeny after seeing video of the incident, "Cops unfortunately in this situation got pushed a little too far and took the right actions."

Avilez has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and says that the video paints only part of the story.  The bigger issue is what the neighborhood has become.

When informed that it appears to have transformed into Bourbon Street, Sweeny said, "It is Bourbon Street.  I wouldn't say that it turning into, I think that what is interesting now is because of this particular incident we got registered somehow."